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  • level 1 CROSSFIT trainer 

Kellie has a story like many of you.


Growing up in small town Texas, active lifestyle was indoctrinated. But, once she left her hometown, began her own life, and left her adolescent years, fitness and remaining active stopped and the weight started packing on. (Hello freshman 15).


In January of 2017 Kellie finally had enough. Fed up with the scale and tired of sticking to the elliptical without seeing any results, she finally took Courtney’s suggestion to try CrossFit (yes, Coach Courtney). From then on, she was hooked.


She got her nutrition under control, found a place to meet new friends, experienced an atmosphere that allowed her to have some healthy competition, and discovered new ways to push her body.


She fell in love with the sport so much, she got her Level 1 CrossFit Certification in 2020, and enjoys meeting folks from all walks of life and encouraging them each in their own, specific fitness journeys.

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