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COACH George

George has been around sports most of his life. Starting as a young kid doing peewee baseball and peewee football. During middle school and high school, he did track, basketball and football. During this time, he learned the basics of running and weight lifting as a daily conditioning programs.

Once out of high school working out came to a stop as he started working and raising a family. Throughout his 20’s and mid 30’s he got married and had two daughters. Working out was not a priority at this time. As a result of this he gained some weight and his health conditions started suffering. Around his mid 30’s during a physical for work they noticed his blood pressure was higher than normal along with his cholesterol levels were higher than normal as well. Dr recommended that he should start working out to try to lower his vitals moving forward.

From 2007-2008 he started with the craze of “Digg deeper” P90X in his basement. Shortly after that his work made a small gym for their employees to work out. He would go 4-5 times a week doing lower body twice a week and upper body twice a week. This lasted till about 2014 and got boring working out by himself.

In 2014 he moved to Mansfield and was looking for something more than a global gym.


He found a Groupon for 30 days of reduced rate for a CrossFit gym. On Dec. 1 2014 he walked into a CrossFit gym not knowing what he was getting into, at this time his CrossFit journey began with doing Karen (150 wall balls at 20 lbs. for time). The fear of walking into a gym with load music and large group of people working out was pretty intimidating. Since then, being a member of three different CrossFit gyms he has met some life long friends that share the same interest.

In 2022 after doing CrossFit for many years he decided to get his level 1 to gain some more in-depth knowledge and share what he has learned from his past CrossFit experiences. At the same time, he is an introvert and this has pushed him out of his comfort box to help others. Using his past experiences to coaching someone to get their first double under, pull up or muscle up is his goal.


The one thing he tells someone wanting to do CrossFit is “the hardest part is walking through the front door. Once you have done this everything else will take care of itself with patience and practice”.

In his free time his hobbies include just about anything outdoor from hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing, mountain biking and riding his motorcycle with friends and family.

  • level 1 CROSSFIT trainer

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