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  • Doctor of physical therapy

  • bachelors of science in kinesiology

  • level 1 CROSSFIT trainer

Tara has a specific passion for strong and safe functional movement in order to aid everyday activity as well as athletic ability. She believes that CrossFit is the most beneficial activity for this purpose as it encompasses all modes of fitness in order to mold each person into well-rounded “movers”.  The use of her background as a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist aids her in the ability to identify dysfunctional movements and develop optimal performance as it pertains to fitness.

Tara strongly believes that all fitness levels are welcomed and wanted in the CrossFit community, and more specifically, at CrossFit Power Method. She strives to aid those that wish to push themselves to the next level, whatever level that may be. She enjoys encouraging and motivating each individual to meet their unique goals and overall, enhance their lives.

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