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  • level 1 CROSSFIT trainer

Helping people make changes in their health, fitness, and improve their everyday lives is Coach Isa’s primary goal and foremost passion. Crossfit Power Method is more than just a gym; it's a place where Isa is able to make genuine, long-lasting relationships with people and, through those relationships, teach them how to make a difference in their fitness. Isa helps athletes take control of their health and learn how to improve it each day. “Through this, we see incredible changes in not only their workouts, but their lives as well.”


Coach Isa has been working out since she was 14 years old. Always trying to do different activities, from karate, hiking, mountain biking to Olympic weightlifting to name a few and was fortunate enough to start CrossFit in 2017. Isa always felt that something was missing in her workouts. She used to think “I need to do more, there has to be a way to improve my strength and my aerobic capacity at the same time.” And then she met CrossFit and fell in love with it. Isa came to the United States from Venezuela with her two beautiful daughters 3 years ago, looking for a better future for them. One of the first things she did after coming here was signed up for the Crossfit L-1 certificate and by May of 2019 Coach Isa had received an email saying that she passed! “I was beyond happy, I cried and called my mom, I was proud of myself!”


Meanwhile, Isa was working at a print shop company 12 hours every day as a Training supervisor and couldn’t work as a coach, “In 2021 Crossfit Power Method gave me the opportunity and I took it right away. It was challenging for me because English is my second language and trying to find the words so everybody could understand was a little complicated, but everybody is understanding and patience with me and in time I felt more confident and here I am, working in my dream job.”


“Having the chance to experience the CrossFit culture has given me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a coach.” - Isa

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