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Travis is a lifetime athlete, pursuing athletic dreams to their fullest and constantly injuring himself along the way.   Growing up Travis was a baseball fanatic, playing on multiple select teams, and specializing in 3rd base and center field. His junior year he dislocated his shoulder and was forced to try new things.  He then spent his time running track competitively where he became a serious 400m sprinter.  In college Travis walked onto a Division 1 Rugby team and played in 3 National Championships as a winger; suffering a broken leg, nose, and hand.  After college he joined the Navy where he suffered from a torn hip flexor which plagued him for years.  After his Navy career Travis returned home to North Texas where he has been serving his community over the last decade as a Police Officer, during this time he also served in the Texas National Guard in the Infantry.  Travis is currently involved in training and special operations with a local police department. This career has offered its own unique set of injuries including a shattered wrist involving full reconstruction. During his life Travis as suffered multiple major injuries and setbacks to his goals, making him uniquely skilled in injury recovery.  Over the last several years Travis has been forced to study injury recovery, physical therapy, and mobility. Through mobility Travis has been able to improve not only his injury recovery but his athletic ability.  His workouts have gone from focusing on short term gains to focus on long term athletic ability and injury prevention.  At 35 years old he is in better overall shape than ever before and has recently taken up BMX (no joke!)


In 2013 Travis went to checkout a local CrossFit gym.  Within the first 10 minutes at this gym he met his gorgeous wife Courtney (yes, Coach Courtney.)  Travis and Courtney have been together for the last 7 years and have two beautiful children, Amarae and Hayes.  In 2018 Travis became a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and currently trains the new recruits at his department CrossFit gym. Travis takes great pride in motivating people to better themselves and push through mental barriers. His hope is that he can use his lifetime of recovering from injuries to help his members increase their athletic ability while maintaining a healthy injury free lifestyle.  He can often be found during his free time hiding at the back of the gym focusing on his mobility and chasing his hilarious children around.

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